Student Internet Access

Spectrum Signup InformationStudents Who Don’t Have Internet Access:

1. Contact an internet provider for free internet service

a. Spectrum temporary free 60-day wifi access:

                  Spectrum Signup Information OR call 1-844-488-8395

b. Consolidated Communication offers 60 day free internet.

                  Consolidated Signup Information

2. IF you have cell phone service at your house, you can use a cell phone as a “hotspot”

                 i. How to enable hotspot on iPhone
                 ii. How to enable hotspot on Android

b. Many cell phone companies are lifting the data ban to help during this time. Call
your carrier to see what possible options you have.
c. Please contact us if you can not use phone as a hotspot but have cell service

3. If none of the above options are available, then please reach out to the school on how to get work for your student.