In response to the feedback from surveys and conversations with community members, parents and staff, a Strategic Plan was completed by AOS # 47. The following Communication Plan and strategies for parents, faculty and staff has been developed and will be implemented for the Dedham and Orrington schools beginning on September 1, 2013.


Staff Expectations:

  1. Teacher websites (including Art, Music, PE, Foreign Language and Computer) must be updated by the FIRST of every month. Websites should include long term projects with due dates, up to date postings of what’s happening or upcoming events in your classroom, classroom schedules (Dedham) and any other pertinent information pertaining to your classroom.

  2. School E­mail must be checked at least twice a day (AM & PM) and responded to within 24 hours except for weekends and vacations.

  3. Phone messages must be checked once a day and a response made within 24 hours except for weekends and vacations.

  4. Any written communication (i.e.: field trip info, change of schedule, special event) to parents must be previewed and approved by administration 24 hours prior to it being sent home.

  5. Staff will check their “snail mail” boxes once a day.

  6. Staff will check Google Calendar (Dedham) or daily email announcement (Orrington) for upcoming events.

  7. If you wish a response to your email please indicate that in your communication.

  8. Maintain up to date grades posted on Web to School

  9. If a teacher has a concern regarding a child (academic or behavioral) contact with the parent needs to be made.

  10. Communications regarding positive experiences with children need to be made with parents.

Administration Expectations:

  1. Administration will provide written communication, to staff, of changes or upcoming events via email.

  2. Any written communication, by teachers to parents, will be previewed and approved by administration and returned to staff within 24 hours of receipt.

  3. Phone messages will be checked at least once a day and a response made within 24 hours except for weekends and vacations.

  4. Administration will communicate upcoming events via Google Calendar (Dedham) or via email announcement (Orrington).

  5. School e­mail will be checked at least twice a day (AM & PM) and responded to within 24 hours except for weekends and vacations.

  6. Administration will be responsible for making sure daily updates are communicated to staff.

  7. If administration wants a response to an email it will be indicated in our communication.

Parent Expectations:

  1. With the exceptions to an emergency, phone or email messages will be responded to within 24 hours except on weekends and vacations. If no response is received, send a second email and cc the building administrator.

  2. When a concern or question arises regarding your child, first communicate with the teacher via email or phone call.

  3. If you need to meet personally with a teacher please schedule a time to meet which is mutually agreeable.

  4. Parents are responsible for checking the modes of communication listed in Objective #2.

  5. Parents are responsible for providing the school with up to date contact information or any significant changes which could impact the student.

  6. Parents need to contact the school when children are going to be absent or tardy.


The following vehicles of communication between Dedham School/Center Drive School (AOS # 47) and parents may be one or more of the following:

  • School Website and teacher webpages

  • Newsletter (electronic and paper)

  • School/Home Communication Folders and or assignment books

  • Email

  • Phone

  • IRIS (for emergency or storm day cancellation only)

Parents are responsible for checking the above vehicles of communication to stay informed.


In the event that a parent has a concern regarding the communication expectations the chain of command is as follows:

  1. Contact the teacher

  2. Contact the building Principal or Assistant

  3. Contact the Superintendent of Schools

  4. Contact the school committee

A data sheet will be developed to maintain feedback on review of communication plan and will be reviewed monthly by A-­team. Progress will be shared with staff and school committees.


Communication objectives will be discussed and reviewed during monthly staff meetings. A plan of action will be developed if communication issues need to be addressed. Administration will have an open door policy to create a climate of open communication to listen to ideas and concerns from staff.

Administration and staff will have open and honest communication with no hidden agendas. Adequate time will be given for discussion of concerns and ideas. A delineation of administration/staff roles and responsibilities will be written and given to all staff. Differences among staff members should be resolved between the parties involved

Procedural Expectations:

  1. Operational changes will be communicated by the administration to staff via email.

  2. Concerns of a serious nature ( upset parent, etc.) will be a face to face private conversation.